Happy Cooking with babies around!

Happy Cooking with babies around!

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As a mommy of two (one newborn and one 4 years old), I know that is not easy to cook and deal with your babies at the same time.  However, you still have a whole family to feed so what to do? Here I would like to share with you some experience that I have in the past 8 months. It is very possible to have your family eat well and deal with your sweet newborn at the same time.

Brain Storming:

The fact is I always think about food. Before I do my grocery, I usually already brain storm a few dishes that I like to make for the week. While I am at the Grocery store, whatever fresh food that I see will come join my menu. Brain storming your menu ahead will save time; while you do your grocery and during your cooking preparation. I like to think of my menu while I am feeding my baby, it is totally the best time to multitask!

Win with Preparation:

-Cut up your vegetables, store them in plastic small box and label them to use throughout the week. In addition, this method is very useful if your husband wants to help in cooking. I love my labelling system in my fridge (i.e. top shelf there is tofu, middle rack what to cook for the day, bottom rack meat and veggies in their labelled containers)

-Marinate your meat, and cook it in between your baby’s. Prep during the day whenever you can. (If your baby wakes up 5 times during the day, then divide your prep in 5 different times to fit your schedule) No one says you need to cook and prep just before supper time. Prep slowly during day time and Stay Zen!

-Most Asian family likes to cook fresh rice daily, when I am lacking of time, I cook more rice (for 2-3 meals quantity). It saves me time and rice stores well for a few days, just makes sure to promptly refrigerate the unused portion.


-For me, the order of how I do things is important. It might sound silly, but it helps to cook faster, let me explain that below:

  1. Kitchen set up: Accessibility is important. Set up your own kitchen the most convenient way to you.
  2. I always start to boil water in my electrical boiler: you will need water basically for most of your cooking. To cook vegetables, make soup broth, etc.
  3. Cook my rice: my rice cooker takes 25min to make it ready, so it is better to start it first before anything else. (that is using quick mode function)
  4. Cut/Cook: now that I know my rice is cooking. I just take my ingredient and start chop and cook.
  5. When the food is cooked, your rice is also done on the side ready to be served.

The trick here is really to work on whatever takes you more time first and do other items later while waiting.

Make and Freeze:

Marinate my meat in bigger quantity and preserve in Freezer. Take it out to defrost in morning in the fridge (don’t lay it in the sink) and serve them at night. Still homemade food and save time.Recipes Ideas: Meat and vegetables Spaghetti sauce, Korean Bulgugi marinated beef and Vietnamese style Lemon grass juicy pork chops.

One dish and full of nutrient!

-It is in Chinese blood to make lots of food (3 dishes and 1 soup). Now that I have young kids around, I like one dish that contains meat/protein and vegetables that my family need. It is quick and time saving. I will share out more simple recipes ideas later on in my blog!

 Get Help:

I always make my 4 years old son to help me. Don’t underestimate what a 4 years old kid can do. Not only you could get help and it is fun for your children to play with you while you are making dinner. Here are some few ideas of what they could help:

-washing vegetables

-knead my pasta dough

-making the table ready for dinner time

-bringing his own dishes after dinner

Being a working mom is all about time management, if you can learn to use your time efficiently, you could totally cook an excellent meal for your family without exhausting yourself. I can’t wait to share more articles and recipes with all the pretty working mommies! Happy cooking to all mommies!


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