Fresh Chinese egg noodles

After a few months of trial in my kitchen lab, here I have achieved my best recipe to make fresh egg noodles! I have always dreamed of making fresh noodle for my kids, but with work and day to day busy cooking I just didn’t have time to try. Finally got the chance to try, it is really not as hard as I thought. So don’t be afraid to try it out!



  • 250g flour (Tip 1)
  • 3 tbsp potato starch (Tip 2)
  • 2 eggs
  • about 71 g of water (Tip 1)


  1. Incorporate flour and starch in a large bowl
  2. Add egg one by one in the dry ingredients and start to stir
  3. Slowly add water and stir. Mix well all ingredients
  4. Once all ingredient is well blend together, use your hand to start putting together into a dough
  5. Once your dough could form a shape, take out from the bowl and knead on counter for about 5-10 min. it should be soft texture and not sticky. If too sticky, then powdered a bit of flour on the dough and knead again. Use your kiddo to knead your dough is a great family activity20151024_100925
  6. Put dough in plastic zip lock bag to rest about 30 min20151013_141038
  7. After dough have rested, cut your dough into 12 pieces
  8. Take each pieces, roll flat your dough so it fits into your pasta machine
  9. Flatten your dough sheet further more with a pasta making machine (Tip 3)20151209_211150
  10. Put enough flour on each of your flatten pasta sheet
  11. Fold pasta sheet and cut equally into noodles, any shape you like20151013_171052
  12. Cook noodles in boiling water. cooking time varies between 8-10min all depends on the way you desire and the thickness of your noodles20151013_181317


  1. When working with dough, I like to put about 90% of suggested water or flour to start with my work. Especially if it is a first time trial on new recipe. This way, it is easy to adjust rather than put too much and is hard to reverse the quantity. This is a wonderful tip that I have learned from Steamy Kitchen (, a great food blogger that I am following right now.
  2. Adding the potato starch enhance the chewy feeling in my noodle. This is optional. if you do not like chewy then replace the 3 tbsp of potato starch by regular flour to keep the dough consistency
  3. I roll 2 times in level 5 and 1 times in level 4 with my pasta machine. This gives me the thickness of noodles that my family likes. If you don’t have a pasta machine, dont worry, just use a rolling pin to flatten your pasta sheet to your desire thickness.



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