Chinese Coughing Remedies

Serie 1: Understanding cough 101


Today, we are going to focus on learning all types of coughs. Coughing gives mommies worries and sleepless nights. I am constantly reading and updating myself with Chinese articles and learning about how to combat ugly coughs. We treat different coughs with different foods and herbal combinations. So let’s start Coughing 101 today!

When coughing starts, don’t wait, analyze the symptoms and treat it right away. When my son comes back from daycare with a cough, if times allow, I will make some herbal tea on the same night and feed him before he goes to bed. I like to treat my patient (son and husband!) for about 3-5 consecutive days, feeding them morning and night (don’t be lazy).  At my opinion, coughs could heal fast if appropriate herbal tea is given on time. However, if your little guy caught a bacteria then is better to go consult your own family doctor. My son caught a bacteria from daycare lately. I made him one week of herbal tea and soup, the cough turn better but is still ugly and come deep from his lungs. At the doctor, while my son acting super healthy and running around lol. She told me that my son got bronchitis and he needs to be on antibiotic. So mommies, use your judgement and reach your family doctor to get additional information and help.

What you need to know is herbal tea or Chinese nourishing soup come to protect and boots your lung’s immune system. I made an easy and useful summary charts down below. Hope it will be especially useful for all mommies with winter season coming along! There are basically three main types of coughs, each of them has different symptoms and requires different food and remedies. Happy reading !

Coughing remedies for each type of coughs series are coming along, stay tune!

Type of Coughs Symptoms Requires Recommanded food Food to avoid


Cold Cough  

Cough along with thin and white phlegm




Promote the dispersing of coldness, reduce secretion and relieve coughing



Ginger, onion, green onion, cooked radish, Tangerine peel, garlic, Fritillaria bulbs (chuan bei) and pumpkin


Cold property food, froze, raw greasy or difficult to digest; banana, plum, fresh melons, peppermint




Heat Cough


Cough along with yellow and thick phlegm




Cooling effect and help dissolve phlegm


Tangerine peel, arhat fruit, Fresh radish, fresh lotus root, bean curd, pear, loquat fruit, fig, apple, coconut, star fruit, olive, bean sprouts, peppermint, chrysanthemum, fresh or dried long li leaf, Fritillaria bulbs (chuan bei), kelp, seaweed, duck meat and water chestnut



Hot and greasy; ginseng, pepper, ginger, cinnamon, longan fruit, litchi and red dates



Dry cough/Chronic


Perssitent cough, no phlegm




Nourish dry or possibly damaged lungs, promote the tissue repairing


Lily bulb, sugarcane, honey, white fungus, black fungus, dried persimmon, fresh or dried long li leaf ,almond, pear, maltose, tomato, mulberry,

loquat fruit, figs, duck meat and Fritillaria bulbs (chuan bei)



Hot and Spciy food

Great reference:



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