Fighting Cough Series

Fighting Cough Series

Serie 2: Dry Coughdrymandarin

Dry coughs are persistent cough and they could last forever and nothing is worse than hearing your kids coughing nonstop and seemingly no end in sight. Here I have prepared a few soup and drink recipes that is well suited for kids and adult. They will help your “coughers” feel better and with the belief that a well hydrated and nourished lungs, it could help to cure the dry coughing. We try to provide drinks and soup to ensure good liquid intake and also to nurish their lungs back to shape. Here are a couple of recipes I use for my family that I like to share today.


Drink 1:


Chinese almond (south and north) 10g

*One asian pear (remove core keep the skin)

Some rock sugar to taste

Method: boil all ingredients in 500ml water for 20 min

* If no asian pear at home, it could replace with apple but better result with asian

**optional, add fritillaria bulbs or powder about 1-2 tsp


Drink 2:


Peppermint 6g

Upright ladybell root沙參9g

Liquorice root甘草根 4g

Method: boil all ingredients in 750ml water for 20 min


Drink 3:


Fresh peppermint 10g

reed rhizome芦根45g

Method:  Clean and cut into fine pieces, steep the ingredients in boiling water for 10 min. Drink the warm solution frequently


Soup recipe 1:  


2 Dried persimmon柿饼

3 candied dates蜜枣

Tangine peel陈皮

10 g Chinese almonds

A piece small pork

Method: boil 45-50 min in 1.3 liter of water, gives about 3-4 small bowl of soup, add salt to taste.



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